Frazzled Day: Frazzled Thoughts

Man hunt (boy hunt perhaps, the kid is 19): sensationalised by the media. It’s like what we see in films – therefore easier to distance ourselves from the fact this is an actual person. A suspect it’s important to remember – although we seem to go by guilty until proven innocent in these times.

Run for Ella: the fund is over £10,000, mostly in donations of around £10. Pretty amazing really. And we’re not done yet. It blows my mind a little.

Run for Ella (2): The run I’ve organised is tomorrow. The number of people here who are running/biking/helping or joining in somehow is amazing. The world is full of wonderful people.

Dare I say it – SPRING: I think spring has FINALLY sprung. The beautiful people of Montreal have come out in short sleeves, skirts, bare legs. Skateboarders and rollerbladers have risked the (bloody awful) roads to grace us all with their effortless coolness (Skateboarders are always cool, not sure why). Also, the bixis are back.

Organisation: not my forte – too scatterbrained, although I enjoy it (most of the time!). Perhaps I’ll have more to say on that after tomorrow…

Exams: Blerg. I want this exam season done and dusted. Although that means time in Montreal is drawing to a close. Let’s just not think about that. Or the exams. Brilliant coping technique Maya…

Saying bye: Laura is off home tomorrow. The fact that I’m going to visit her in Nova Scotia and will be seeing her again is irrelevant. I hate saying bye.

Ok, with those brief thoughts, it’s back to revision. And more organisation. Braving Walmart later – lord help us. (Grocery shopping – not my fave)

Enjoy the rest of Friday!


One thought on “Frazzled Day: Frazzled Thoughts

  1. I love your frazzled thoughts, and although its sad for you to be leaving Montreal I’m selfishly wanting you home 🙂

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