Happy Birthdays and the end of a long week

Thursday and Friday were Judith and Nigel’s birthday’s. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUDITH AND NIGEL! I had planned to do an appreciative post for them, but it’s been a long week and I can’t quite find the words. Often I plan what I’m going to write in my head before I put pen-to-paper (figuratively – it’s more like fingers-to-keyboard) but the words for the appreciative post weren’t there. They’ll come to me at some point, and then Judith and Nigel will get a surprise post of appreciation.

In the meantime, here is a little post for you all. It’s not quite as upbeat as usual – it really has been a long week!

So, it’s the end of another week. This has been a long one. Deadlines, presentations, windy bike-rides home, wildly fluctuating temperatures, things not working quite right in the lab, and on and on and on. All interspersed with truly lovely times: HUGE mugs of tea, free wine and funny photos, good food, and others. BUT, today has been one of those days that’s just a little bit of a struggle. Where your brain is lagging about 3 feet behind what your body is doing, making life a little difficult.

It was one of those days where I appreciate the bike ride home, just straight up St Laurent, with a bit of a headwind and slightly uphill so I can push myself hard and it’s windy so I can curse the fact that it’s windy and I’ve got a half hour ride and I’m TIRED and COLD and cry tears of frustration and grief (Ella has been floating around my brain a lot this week) and don’t care if people give me funny looks because I’m cycling past and they’re never going to see me again.

And then what I appreciate more than that is looking up and the sky being that beautiful fading blue of the twilight, and locking up my bike and looking up and seeing the stars (clear skies being one of the major perks of -8 degree weather), and of past Maya cooking pasties and putting them in the freezer so I can come home and put them in the oven and put on my slippers (thanks Amy!) and curl up and watch Dr Who.


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